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How to Vote

If you are a stockholder of record there are several ways for you to vote your shares:

  • By mail. If you received printed proxy materials, you may submit your vote by completing, signing and dating each proxy card received and returning it in the prepaid envelope. Sign your name exactly as it appears on the proxy card. Proxy cards submitted by mail must be received no later than January 29, 2017 to be voted at the Annual Meeting.
  • By telephone or via the Internet. Instructions are shown on your Notice of Internet Availability or proxy card.
  • In person at the Annual Meeting. You may vote your shares in person at the Annual Meeting. Even if you plan to attend the Annual Meeting in person, we recommend that you also submit your proxy card or vote by telephone or via the Internet by the applicable deadline so that your vote will be counted if you later decide not to attend the meeting.

If you are a beneficial owner of Class A common stock, you should receive a Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials or voting instructions from the broker or other nominee holding your shares. You should follow the instructions in the Notice or the voting instructions provided by your broker or nominee in order to instruct your broker or nominee on how to vote your shares. The availability of telephone and Internet voting will depend on the voting process of the broker or nominee. Shares held beneficially may be voted in person at the Annual Meeting only if you obtain a legal proxy from the broker or nominee giving you the right to vote the shares.

If the Annual Meeting is adjourned or postponed, your proxy will still be effective and will be voted at the rescheduled or adjourned Annual Meeting. You will still be able to change or revoke your proxy until the rescheduled or adjourned Annual Meeting.

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