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Participate in the Future of Duke Energy; Cast Your Vote Now

It is very important that you vote to play a part in the future of Duke Energy. New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) rules state that if your shares are held through a broker, bank or other nominee, they cannot vote on your behalf on nondiscretionary matters.

Eligibility to Vote

You can vote if you were a shareholder of record at the close of business on March 7, 2016.

Vote Now

Even if you plan to attend this year’s meeting, it is a good idea to vote your shares before the meeting in the event your plans change. Whether you vote by Internet, by telephone or by mail, please have your proxy card or voting instruction form in hand and follow the instructions.

By Internet using your computer

By telephone

By mailing your proxy card

Visit 24/7
Dial toll-free 24/7
1-800-690-6903 or by calling the number provided by your broker, bank or other nominee if your shares are not registered in your name
Cast your ballot, sign your proxy card and send free of postage

Visit Our Website


Visit our website

  • Review and download this proxy statement and our annual report
  • Listen to a live audio stream of the meeting


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