How do I vote?

If you are a stockholder of record you may cast your vote in any of the following ways.

In advance of the Annual Meeting by:

wifi phone mail at the meeting
Internet Phone Mail At the Meeting
Visit and follow the instructions on your proxy card or notice of internet availability of proxy materials. Call 1-800-690-6903 and follow the instructions provided in the recorded message (if you received paper copies of the proxy materials). Return your completed and signed proxy card in the enclosed postage prepaid envelope. See below regarding attending and voting at the Annual Meeting.

If you are a stockholder who holds shares through a brokerage firm, bank, trust or other similar organization (that is, in “street name”), please refer to the instructions from the broker or organization holding your shares.

What do I need to bring to attend and vote at the Annual Meeting?

Stockholders as of the record date, April 12, 2017, must bring the Internet Notice or other proof of ownership, as well as photo identification, for entrance to the Annual Meeting. Those stockholders whose shares are held in street name may attend and vote at the Annual Meeting by obtaining a legal proxy provided by their broker, bank or other organization and bringing that legal proxy to the Annual Meeting.

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