Generating Long-Term Shareholder Value

Generating Long-Term Shareholder Value

BlackRock’s mission is to help our clients build better financial futures. Our framework for creating long-term shareholder value is directly aligned with that mission. BlackRock, Inc. (“BlackRock” or the “Company”) is a global asset management and technology services firm. We have strategically invested in our business over time to create a globally diverse investment platform, with index and alpha strategies ranging from ETFs to alternatives, industry-leading portfolio construction and risk management technology, and deep global capital markets expertise. The diversity of BlackRock’s platform, across asset class, investment style and region, positions us to serve client needs holistically and through market cycles. It also enables us to generate more consistent growth and financial results for shareholders. We believe the stability of our financial results and our approach to continuously and deliberately invest in our business enhances BlackRock’s ability to:

Over the long term, BlackRock has delivered on each of these tenets. We have generated differentiated organic growth and delivered operating margin expansion. We have prioritized investment in our business to first drive growth and then return “excess” cash flow to shareholders. Our capital return strategy has been balanced between dividends, where we target a 40-50% payout ratio, and a consistent share repurchase program.

Our framework for generating long-term shareholder value was developed in close collaboration with our Board of Directors (the “Board”), and the Board actively oversees our broader strategy and measures our ability to successfully execute it.

In 2019, we will continue to strategically, and efficiently, invest in BlackRock to optimize future growth. We will focus on areas we believe have high growth potential such as ETFs and illiquid alternatives, the shift from product selection to portfolio construction, and longer-term opportunities in technology, retirement and high growth markets – so we can deliver better outcomes for clients, opportunities for employees and long-term value for shareholders.

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