How do I vote and what are the voting deadlines?

How to vote: Your vote is important

InternetMailTelephoneIn Person
Visit the website listed on your proxy card. You will need the control number that appears on your proxy card when you access the web page.Complete and sign the proxy card and return it in the enclosed postage pre-paid envelope.If your shares are held in the name of a broker, bank or other nominee: follow the telephone voting instructions, if any, provided on your voting instruction card. If your shares are registered in your name: call 1-800-690-6903 and follow the telephone voting instructions. You will need the control number that appears on your proxy.You may attend the Annual Meeting and vote by ballot. Your admission ticket to the Annual Meeting is either attached to your proxy card or is in the email by which you received your Proxy Statement.

By casting your vote in any of the three ways listed above, you are authorizing the individuals listed on the proxy to vote your shares in accordance with your instructions.

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